Happy Birthday To Me!

Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

My 30th birthday was last week.

I know. RIGHT. I am so awesome.

Tomorrow I get my birthday present. And while there are quite a few thing on my Wishlist, I asked for one thing and one thing alone.

A trip home. By myself.

And would you be shocked that Tom has given me this gift that I so desperately want and need.

Yeah, me too. But I got it anyway.

Tomorrow, sometime before noon, I will depart on my journey to civilization. I have done virtually nothing to prepare for this trip. I washed my “going out” jeans and activated a 4 year old prepaid cell phone. That’s it.

There are tons of stuff I could be doing right now-

  • Running the dishwasher
  • putting away 2 weeks worth of laundry
  • trying to fix my mirror in the cold, dark, scary *insert banjos* night
  • cleaning the kitchen floor
  • labeling the entire house so Tom knows where everything is
  • Printing out a map just in case we have another incident like last year
  • packing a bag for an overnight stay
  • taking a shower


  • I ran across Hell’s Half Acre to go grocery shopping with my sister in displacement, Amy and had a blast acting like I was still 19.
  • Went to Mc Donald’s twice and Taco Bell once
  • Got the kids sugary cereal to eat for breakfast tomorrow ( Hello Cupcake Fruity Pebbles!)
  • Drank Jack and sweet tea while talking on the phone with Kel, The Awesomest. (Who I will see tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Toss M&M’s in the air so my kids could find them all weekend long ( are we seeing a pattern)
  • Tried to fix the mirror in the cold shiny daylight but needed a Wobbler.
  • got a shoulder rub from Tom we the kids almost sent me to the looney bin for the umpteenth time
  • buckled and unbuckled the kids 30 bizzilon times (just once is a work out)
  • drove around with Amy looking at and discussing houses in my new dream neighbor hood (my house was sold by the way)
  • Jumped on the opportunity for a potty break for coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts where the very sweet guys made my coffee perfect and got guilted by my 4 year old. (the girl is good but needs some work)
  • activated my 4 year old prepay cell phone ( I feel so modern)
  • Told my kids “NO” as many time and in as many ways as inhumanly possible

And I am exhausted just typing all of that. And I have a big day tomorrow. I’ll just have to trust that Tom will be as awesome as always and not to forget to feed or diaper. Like I did the other day.

P.S.-Just in case you wanted to know, Perry is not potty trained.

P.P.S.-That was more of a reminder for me than you.


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