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Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

At some point I lost my voice and I stopped writing. I thought it was because things were going so well that I no longer had something to complain about.

I was wrong.

Life was slowly spinning downward. So slowly, that I did not notice until about a year ago just how bad things had gotten. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I could not continue the way I had and in that moment I made the decision to end it and not regret  it.

Since then I have done so much.

One of those things is finding a job that I not only tolerate but I really like, border on love that I get to do from home in my basement. That  job has inspired me to to take it further and pursue my desire to learn more about computers and learn to code.

I hope at some point that I am able to make video games and or be a “white hat” and provide proactive hacking service. Or something else equally cool and techie.

I do know that I am going to have to break down and buy a space heater because it is freezing in this dungeon of tech.