Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 in city hospital, Family, kieran, pants, party

Once upon a time there was a boy who stunk so bad, his mom made him take a shower in a special tub. This very special tub was higher in the air than most tubs and the boy thought this was wonderful but did not realize just how wonderful it really was.

When the show was over the mom told the boy to dry off. The boy, while drying his butt found the tubs truly magical power. It had a mirror directly across from the tub, exactly the right height for the boy to see himself while drying his butt.

This was so amazing to him that he called his mother to see what he had discovered. His mom, not being accustomed to the strange bathroom, peeked in to see what was the young boy had found.

He had found himself and that if he shakes his butt, everything else shakes too.


The End


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