Once upon a time, I was alone with my kids a lot in the middle of a field. Therefore I had a lot of time to look back and reflect. I was often afforded the opportunity to write it all down. Not so much anymore.

My life has since changed many times over. I’ve gone from a hot box in the field and broke to a big house on the really nice side of town as a spoiled housewife to a working single mom and now an unemployed, full time student and single mom. Sometimes I need to write it out in more than just a few sentences and a meme. Sometimes, my brain (and my schedule) lets me do just that.

I’ve struggled with depression, poverty, being controlled by another, being the child of a bi-polar parent, losing myself, social anxiety and just being a parent. I’m trying to figure it out or at least find the good.

I’m just trying to survive.



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