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Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 in divide and conquer, food, guilt, hyenas, kitchen, Nom, survival

I must look like somekind of crackhead shoplifter. I’m sitting hunched over the computer praying to not get busted. I’m trying to eat breakfast. In peace. With out sharing. No small task in a house with three little vulchers who refuse to eat anything place in front of them. Put something in my hands, for my consumption and we have a whining, you never feed me, reaching and snatching, eye daggers from all angles free for all.

You will give me your noms and be grateful

It’s not just me. They do it to Tom too. We wait until they go to bed to eat the good stuff. I walk around the house “looking” out the windows with a piece of leftover toast in my hand. Tom eats while they’re entranced by the tv or eats on the couch while they’re eating in the kitchen. I try to feed everyone the same thing at the same time but it doesn’t always work out that way. It is also no guarantee that what you have will not be coveted.
So this morning I had to sneak through our very open plan living/dining/family/play/kitchen with a pancake wrapped sausage on a stick wrapped int a paper towel stuffed in my pocket. The Triple Threat love those things. It’s so much fun to pull off the pancake and pick apart the sausage and chew the bonus inside (aka- the stick). I know that if I’m busted, they descend upon me like a pack of harpies. They’ll follow me, scale whatever furniture necessary, tell me their hungry in various launguages. They inflict guilt like only a child can.

So, in the name of survival, I snarf my food as fast as I can and make it through another meal. Yay! for not passing out from low blood sugar today.